At VITRINECATTIUS you will find all kinds of decoration for any type of establishment: shops, offices, agencies, bars, restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, beauty salons…


At CATTIUS, we can adapt to any type of business, need or desire: vinyls for decorating shop windows and interior glass partitions, corporeal letters, illuminated signs, methacrylate plates, methacrylate poster-folders with or without LED lighting, dynamic screens,…


We are specialists in the application of LED-illuminated elements for shop windows and
exhibitors. We can only supply the equipment and we can also install it if you wish:

– With the possibility of wireless installation (Multisite model; single-sided).
Crystal model: with two clamps and the possibility of laser marking your logo, brand, etc.
Easyview multi-position model (two sides always visible): you can change the orientation
of the folder from portrait to landscape or vice versa.
– Post-sale service.
– And we also offer technical service to “Visual Tècnic” origin showcases.


We also offer dynamic LCD screens that provide many advantages for your business:

– Inform effectively about your products and/or services.
– Surprise with dynamic impacts, which give a higher rate of attention than conventional
static advertising.
– They allow you to build customer loyalty through the promotions and services available
for them.
– All this having an impact on an increase in your sales volume.

They are very bright screens, which can be in a shop window in full sun and be able to see
what is emitted on them, with high image definition, without maintenance. They are truly
professional equipment that can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We also have screens for indoor use, both to give publicity and information in the public
and commercial areas of your establishments, as well as to provide corporate information
to your employees.

These vision equipment have a very intuitive software that allows you to make your
advertisements and thus transmit them to the screens. You can do it all without any
problem, but if that supposes an overload of work, we can also give you the service of
being able to create this promotional content periodically remotely, through an agreed
plan, always following your instructions and all with a good application of your corporate

These equipments are installed in your establishment and have post-sale assistance.

Ask us!!